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Micro Dermal Anchor Piercing Aftercare


The first 2 weeks is crucial in the healing of your Micro Dermal Anchor Piercing ! Typically takes 2-3 months for the dermal to heal.

  1. Wash Micro dermal once a day with antibacterial soap (Dial, Provon) and water. Make sure to do this gently by hand (NO washcloths, loofas, or sponges) as they can become entangled and pull dermal’s out. Rinse with warm water.
  2. Sea Salt Rinse-mix ¼ tsp. sea salt with 8oz of warm water in a clean cup. Slowly pour contents of cup over the dermal site until it is empty.
  3. Let air dry (do NOT dry with towel)
  4. Once dry put circular band aid on dermal. Wear circular band aid for the first 2 weeks, this will help the micro dermal set properly.
  5. Always be careful with clothing, seatbelts, linens, jewelry, etc. They can snag or pull out dermal’s.
  6. You can change micro dermal heads (gems) after 4-6 weeks

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